Patricia Savino, ND, MBA, CNSD
Associate Editor
Carlos Arturo Hernandez, MD, MPH

Editorial committee

Antonio Campos, MD, PhD, Brazil
Diana Cárdenas, MD, MSc, Colombia
María Clara Casas, MD, Colombia
Isabel Cerebelli, RN, PhD, Brazil

Yadyra Cortés, ND, MSc, Colombia
Ana María Menéndez, QF, PhD, Argentina
Rami Mikler, MD, Colombia
Ilvar Muñoz, QF, M.Sc, Colombia

José Félix Patiño, MD, Colombia
Saúl Rugeles, MD, Colombia
Patricia Savino, ND, Colombia
Gustavo Tovar, MD, Colombia

scientific Comittee

Francisco Ayola, MD, Colombia
Gertrudis Baptista, ND, Venezuela
Erix Bozón, MD, Colombia
Juan Carlos Castillo, MD, Mexico
Adriana Cribelli, MD, Argentina
José Culebras, MD, Spain
Stanley Dudrick, MD, USA
Sergio Echenique, MD, Peru
Jaime Escallón, MD, Canada

Humberto Faín, MD, Argentina
Eduardo Ferrarresi, MD, Argentina
Rafael Figueredo, MD, Paraguay
Vanesa Fucks, MD, Mexico
Elías García Mayorca, MD, Panama
María Inés Hartman, MD, Venezuela
Oscar Jaramillo, MD, Colombia
Gustavo Kliger, MD, Argentina
Alfredo Mattos, MD, Panama

Ángela María Marín, ND, Colombia
Laura Materese, ND, USA
Remy Meier, MD, Switzerland
Néstor Muñoz, MD, Colombia
Merce Planas, MD, Spain
José Mario Pimiento, MD, USA
Luis Nin, MD, Uruguay
Erick Valencia, MD, Colombia
Lee Varela, RN, USA

Colombian Journal of Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition (RMNC), publication of the Colombian Association of Clinical Nutrition. The Association reserves all rights, including translation rights. Reproduction and reprinting, in whole or in part, of the articles is prohibited without the prior permission of the Editor under the sanctions established by law, by any means or procedure, including reprography and informative treatment, and the distribution of copies thereof, through rent or public loan.

Semiannual publication of the Colombian Association of Clinical Nutrition – Avenida 15 No. 118-03 Offices 513 / 514
Bogotá, Colombia – Visit: www.nutriclinicacolombia.org – Email: [email protected]

Translation: Juan Mendoza-Vega, MD
Copyediting: Carlos Arturo Hernández
Editorial assistant: Beatriz E. Muñoz
Layout and printing: Javeriana Cultural Foundation of Graphic Arts –JAVEGRAF–

Colombian Association of Clinical Nutrition

Board of Directors

2012 -2014

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